Can I Have Your Pearl Bracelet?

Can I Have Your Pearl Bracelet?


By: Frances H. Kakugawa | Paperback

In Can I Have Your Pearl Bracelet? award-winning author, poet and educator Frances H. Kakugawa offers anecdotes and poems gleaned from her lifetime search for answers to life’s existential questions. This rich anthology introduces a memorable cast of characters, in adventures ranging from teaching in Micronesia to the pitfalls of publishing to growing up in a Hawaiian village later buried by lava. Here are insights shared and lessons learned in Kakugawa’s long career as an educator and as a sought-after speaker on creative writing, children’s poetry and eldercare. Can I Have Your Pearl Bracelet? is her eighteenth book.

“These stories,” she says, “were written to honor those who made a difference in my life, those who helped me become the person I aspired to be. Sometimes the best teachers are found not in classrooms but in the most ordinary places.”

ABOUT THE AUTHOR An internationally published author and former columnist for the Hawai‘i Herald, Frances H. Kakugawa conducts poetry readings, workshops and speaking presentations throughout the United States. She currently resides in Sacramento, California, where she leads a caregivers poetry support group for the Alzheimer’s Association. She can be reached via or