Hawaii One Summer

Hawaii One Summer


Author: Maxine Hong Kingston | Paperback

“I did not wait for twenty years to write the pieces in this book, which is like a diary. There is sometimes only a week or two between an event and my writing about it. I wrote about my son’s surfing upon coming home from it. I wrote about the high school reunion before going to it. The result is that I am making up meanings as I go along. Which is the way I live anyway. There is a lot of detailed doubt here.”

In this collection of eleven pieces, originally issued as a limited hand-printed edition, Maxine Hong Kingston does not attempt to capture Hawai‘i but “instead and incidentally” to describe her “piece by piece, and hope that the sum praises her.” The essays provide readers with a generous sampling of Kingston’s signature: an angle of vision, exquisitely balanced and clear-sighted, that awakens one to a knowledge of things.

**Rich's Staff Pick**

Enjoyed her perceptions as they were done "at that moment," not as a memoir. This makes her observations more poignant yet still enjoyable to read today.