Tasting Hawaii Vegan Style

Tasting Hawaii Vegan Style


Author: Lillian Cumic | Hardcover

Vegan food is sweeping Hawai‘i—eateries opening everywhere, vegan dishes multiplying on restaurant menus, vegan food sections in supermarkets. Hawai’i: A Vegan Paradise is the perfect introduction to vegan cooking by one of Honolulu’s leading vegan chefs covering every aspect of the plant-based diet.

Chef and recipe developer, Lillian Cumic (creator of YouTube channel Lillian Vegan and host of Think Tech Hawai‘i’s show Lillian’s Vegan World), takes you on a journey through Hawai‘i’s culinary culture to this new frontier for Island cooking. Her plant-based recipes range from simple tofu poke pupu, to a mouth-watering Loco Moco with sunny-side-up vegan eggs, and to satisfy the sweet tooth in all of us, decadent chocolate cake and Meyer lemon cupcakes. The recipes dazzle with colorful and tasty dishes that can proudly be taken to ‘ohana get-togethers or special celebrations.

Richly illustrated, Hawai‘i A Vegan Paradise: Over 120 Plant-Based Recipes from the Islands guides you through the ins and outs of getting started with vegan cooking and how to equip your pantry with staples and utensils for vegan cooking. Experience the beauty and diversity of Hawai‘i’s culinary tradition through this fascinating recipe collection.