Bamboo Ridge Issue #118

Bamboo Ridge Issue #118


Editors: Juliet Kono and Jean Yamasaki Toyama | Paperback

Features artwork by Jui-Lien Sanderson, poetry and prose by a diverse group of almost 70 authors.

The collection begins with a tribute to authors Marie Hara and Joe Tsujimoto with recent work by both. It concludes with a section of “Bamboo Shoots” selected from monthly online writing contests and an afterword by Wing Tek Lum on the legacy of Bamboo Ridge Press.

The book includes emerging writers as well as new work by Sally-Jo Keala-o-Anuenue Bowman, Sue Cowing, Tom Gammarino, Mavis Hara, Gail N. Harada, Jennifer Hasegawa, Ann Inoshita, Scott Kikkawa, Brenda Kwon, Kapena M. Landgraf, Darrell H. Y. Lum, Marion Lyman-Mersereau, Jennifer Santos Madriaga, Marcia Zina Mager, Tyler Miranda, Tamara Leiokanoe Moan, Dawn Morais, Susan Miho Nunes, Kathy J. Phillips, Mia Sara, Cathy Song, and Lois-Ann Yamanaka.