Murder Frames the Scene: A Hawai'i Mystery

Murder Frames the Scene: A Hawai'i Mystery


Author: Victoria Nalani Kneubuhl | Paperback

Author and playwright Victoria Kneubuhl returns with another thoroughly entertaining, yet complex, whodunit set in 1930s Hawai`i featuring the lead characters from Murder Casts a Shadow and Murder Leaves Its Mark. The pair of unlikely sleuths--part-Hawaiian Mina Beckwith and her fiancé, part-Samoan Ned Manusia--find themselves unraveling a deadly web of espionage and murder. As the story opens, Ned is in Japanese-occupied Shanghai, where he has been sent to rescue his friend Nigel, a British spy being ruthlessly hunted by the Japanese police. The action moves to Honolulu where Mina is embroiled with a group of eccentric artists whose numbers are being depleted in a series of dramatically staged murders. While Mina looks into the murders of the artists, Ned and Nigel attempt to ferret out a spy sending reports on the activities of the Navy at Pearl Harbor to the Japanese government. The two plot lines become intertwined as Ned and Mina are enmeshed in a dangerous net of international intrigue.

Like the previous novels, Murder Frames the Scene offers readers a fascinating glimpse into prewar Hawai`i, full of colorful local characters, descriptions of familiar places in another era, and a vivid sense of the islands as much more than beaches and palm trees.


When corpses start to appear, Ned and Mina first assume the motive is personal. But Ned and Nigel's surveillance soon points to the possibility of more global forces at work, as they find that even a remote tropical island can feel the force of the storm gathering over Europe. Kneubuhl evokes Charlie Chan . . . with exotic locale and period setting at the forefront.-- " Kirkus Reviews" 

Biographical Note:

Victoria Nalani Kneubuhl is a well-known Honolulu playwright and writer. Her work has been performed in Hawai'i and elsewhere in the Pacific, the continental United States, Britain, and Asia. She is currently the writer and co-producer for the television series Biography Hawai'i.