A Field Guide to Blackwater Diving in Hawaiʻi

A Field Guide to Blackwater Diving in Hawaiʻi


 Author: Jeff Milisen | Paperback

The world’s greatest migration of animal life occurs every evening when uncountable numbers of mostly small marine organisms rise up from the dark, chilly depths of the open ocean to its surface waters. The people who witness this nighttime migration are blackwater divers—brave divers who throw themselves off a boat in the dark of night in open ocean waters that are, for all practical purposes, bottomless. The animals that we encounter range in size from baby squids smaller than a pinky nail to forty-foot long jellyfish called siphonophores.

Kona is the birthplace and world headquarters for blackwater diving. Its proximity to deep water and favorable ocean conditions make Hawai‘i the perfect place for blackwater diving, but divers can also visit places such as Florida, the Philippines, Indonesia, and even Papua New Guinea to see many similar animals. Blackwater Diving in Hawai‘i is designed to satisfy the curious ocean aficionado by presenting beautiful photos and information on over 300 strange pelagic animals, most of which you won’t find in a standard field guide to reef animals.

This book is intended to present an overview of life in the open ocean at night. Each epipelagic creature is given five minutes in the spotlight to explore a little of what we know about them.