Ancient Sites of Kauaʻi: A Guide to Hawaiian Archaeological and Cultural Places

Ancient Sites of Kauaʻi: A Guide to Hawaiian Archaeological and Cultural Places


Author: Van James | Hardcover

In this informative and easy-to-follow book, author Van James highlights the features, legends, and archaeology of forty Kaua‘i sites, including Ni‘ihau and Papahänaumokuäkea, the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. Each site description includes a photograph, directions, and a map for easy location. While the book is organized for touring the island’s sites region by region, cross-referenced lists make it easy to develop alternatives according to personal interest.

An introduction by the late Hawaiian authority Edward L. H. Kanahele gives the reader an understanding of the intimate connection Hawaiians feel to the land and its features. He describes the concept of wahi pana, sacred places of Hawai‘i that are imbued with spiritual significance. Sabra Kauka of Kaua‘i contributes a Preface.

Further context for the site descriptions is given by Van James in chapters describing aspects of Hawaiian culture and five main types of sites: heiau (temples), pöhaku (sacred stones), petroglyphs, caves and rock shelters, and fishponds. Tips on selected sites and cultural collections are also included. Sections on site preservation, Hawaiian pronunciation, and a glossary of Hawaiian terms round out the volume. A must for visitors and kama‘?ina alike, this book provides an introduction to cultural treasures little known or understood.

Site Locations:

  1. East Kaua‘i: Puna
  2. North Kaua‘i: Ko‘olau and Halele‘a
  3. West Kaua‘i: Na Pali, Mana, and Kona
  4. South Kaua‘i: East Kona
  5. The Island of Ni‘ihau
  6. Papahanaumokuakea: The Northwestern Hawaiian Islands