The Ugly Truth: Cantos Chronicles 2

The Ugly Truth: Cantos Chronicles 2


Author: C.L. Walters | Paperback

Volume 2 of The Cantos Chronicles

If faced with perpetuating the perfect lie or confessing the ugly truth, which would you choose?

Seth Peters has been angry for a long time. Living with an abusive, alcoholic father has that effect. When he wakes up in a hospital - outside of his body - due to an accident that he doesn't remember, Seth is no longer angry; he's terrified.

As his memories begin to return, he is confronted with a legacy of lies he's constructed to survive the pain of his own life. Realizing he's no different than the man he's loathed his whole life, Seth learns that his choices have set into motion far-reaching and terrible consequences.

Challenged with wallowing in the pain or confronting his fears and admitting to the ugly truth about himself, Seth must decide if facing what he fears most to save his friend's life is worth the risk of losing his own.