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O Kelekolio, Ka Manini . . . The Little Manini (bilingual)

O Kelekolio, Ka Manini . . . The Little Manini (bilingual)


Author: Lilinoe Andrews | Illustrator: Maile Kä‘ai-Cockett | Hardcover | Bilingual (Hawaiian/English)

A little fish learns the hard way when he disobeys his mother’s warning and goes near a forbidden underwater pipe. In the process he loses all his scales. It’s now up to Kelekolio, the little manini, to find help in replacing his scales and to cover up his mistake.

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The ‘Aha Pünana Leo has grown to include eleven preschools, the establishment and support of three K–12 sites, a scholarship program and other educational programs that promote the growth of Hawaiian as a daily language. For more information visit to