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Japanese Ghost Stories: A collection of ghost stories

Japanese Ghost Stories: A collection of ghost stories


Author: Cooper Baltis | Editor: Patrick Kennedy | Paperback

Japan... a country that lies beneath a cloud of mystery and secrecy, where the old sits uneasily close to the new, where ancient spirits hide in neon shadows. Some of the ghost stories you are about to read are based on folk tales that have been passed from father to son and mother to daughter for generations.

Read about how Hoichi the violinist lost his ears to a ghostly samurai, and how Misu the monk defeated the spirit that devoured the dead. Learn what happens when you break a promise made to a deadly ice spirit, and why a young girl haunts the dreams of a priest in post-war Tokyo.

Other stories are as new and exciting as modern Japan. Read about the faceless woman who haunts and taunts a young boy, and the fate of two Japanese gangsters who choose the wrong victim to terrorize. We hope that you enjoy these terrifying tales, and remember, they are only stories... so don't have nightmares. This book is suitable for English students with upper-intermediate English or higher.

Publisher: Hippo Books | Pub Date: January 18, 2016 | Format: Paperback | Pages: 108 | Dimensions: 0.22" H x 9.02" L x 5.98" W | 0.34 lbs