Japan: A Guide to Traditions, Customs and Etiquette: Kata as the Key to Understanding the Japanese

Japan: A Guide to Traditions, Customs and Etiquette: Kata as the Key to Understanding the Japanese

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Author: Boye Lafayette De Mente | Paperback

This is the first book to explain in detail why the Japanese think and behave as they do.

In Japan: A Guide to Traditions, Customs and Etiquette veteran Japanologist Boye Lafayette De Mente unlocks the mysteries of Kata--the cultural forms that shape and define Japanese etiquette, character and world view. These forms are responsible for creating the unique traits and talents which distinguish the Japanese people. Kata governs virtually all interactions in Japan and remains the key to understanding Japanese customs, business etiquette and daily communication.

In seventy short, clear essays ranging from "The Art of Bowing" and "Importance of the Apology" to "The Compulsion for Quality" and "Exchanging Name Cards," De Mente unravels the complexities of Japanese culture by exploring the origin, nature, use and influence of Kata in Japanese life. By virtually delving into Japanese history and the collective Japanese psyche, readers will experience the modern expressions of this ancient culture and specific way of thinking.

"The book explores many important aspects of Japanese society. With help from his book, visitors will certainly better understand the people and their culture." -- Travel Pulse
"For anyone with an interest in history, customs, or sociology, this book leaves you with as many, or more, questions than you started with...If you've been to Japan you'll see it in a new light. If you have plans to go in the future you will have a better understanding of the culture and ways of Japan after reading Japan: A Guide to Traditions, Customs and Etiquette. I highly recommend it." --Castle View Academy blog
"Even long-time students of Japan will find the book illuminating and thought-provoking." -- Sam Jameson, former Tokyo Bureau Chief of the Chicago Tribune and the Los Angeles Times
"This book is great for everyone that is interested in the Japanese culture and wants to go beyond the surface of this fascinating country and its people. Especially if you have plans of living in Japan for a longer period of time and/or working with a Japanese company, this book is definitely a must-read." --The Travel Tester blog


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