In Our Time (Vintage Classics)

In Our Time (Vintage Classics)


Available for Pre-order: Release date January 5, 2021

Author: Ernest Hemingway | Paperback

A Vintage Classics edition of the early collection of short fiction that first established Ernest Hemingway's reputation, including several of his most loved stories

Ernest Hemingway, winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1954, did more to change the style of fiction in English than any other writer of his time with his economical prose and terse, declarative sentences that conceal more than they reveal. In Our Time, published in 1925, was the collection that first drew the world's attention to Hemingway. Besides revealing his versatility as a writer and throwing fascinating light on the themes of his major novels--war, love, heroism, and renunciatio--this collection contains many stories that are lasting achievements in their own right, including the Nick Adams stories Indian Camp, The Doctor and the Doctor's Wife, The Three-Day Blow, The Battler, and Big Two-Hearted River.