Hide and Seek in Hawaii: 20th Anniversary Edition

Hide and Seek in Hawaii: 20th Anniversary Edition


Author: Jane Gillespie & Ian Gillespie | Hardcover

The first Hide & Seek in Hawai‘i was released in October of 1999 and became a best-selling local children’s book.

This 20th anniversary edition combines the best from all 3 volumes so Hawai‘i’s new generation of curious kids can have fun finding all the hidden things throughout the book and learn more about Hawai‘i.

This fun, whimsical and educational book will appeal not only to our keiki (children) in Hawai‘i, but visiting youngsters as well. Each imaginative full-color photo spread has a specific Hawaiiana theme in which children will have fun searching for hidden objects—the “seek” involves counting and spelling, and learning about the Hawaiian language and culture. Hide & Seek in Hawai‘i will draw children back to its pages again and again as they find new things every time they read it. Also fun for adults.