The Gunners

The Gunners


The Gunners
Contributor(s): Kauffman, Rebecca (Author)

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1 of 10 Great Books to Read This March (NYLON)
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1 of the Best Books to Read in April 2018 (O, The Oprah Magazine)
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"Kauffman has done something remarkable with The Gunners . . . She's made spending time with [her characters] not just tolerable but delightful. And she's achieved this not by manufacturing likability, but by so convincingly rendering the affection between them that you accept each character's foibles as readily as they do one another's . . . There's so much generosity and spirit and humor shared by whatever characters are on the page at any given time that I was always happy to accompany them." -- The New York Times Book Review


"A moving novel . . . Each character comes to terms with their dark past, and uncertain futures--like an intimate hangout session, dashed with suspense and few extra layers of emotional beauty. You'll find yourself thinking of Freaks and Geeks, The Big Chill, and maybe all those friends you've been meaning to text." -- Entertainment Weekly, The Must List


"A riveting portrayal of the joys and mysteries of growing up, and of friendship itself." -- People


"In the beautifully wrought The Gunners, life ends not with a whimper, but with a bang . . . This engrossing book's suspense lies not just in what will happen, but in what already has . . . Kauffman is interested in the muddiness of love--how it can be selfish and desperate, even cruel . . . When it comes to love, Kauffman suggests, we're equal parts predator and prey." -- O, The Oprah Magazine, 1 of the Best Books to Read in April 2018


"Unusually for a literary novelist, Kauffman has no fear of overt feeling. When she explores an emotion, she does it with absolute candor. Her characters announce their grief and affection and rage in a way that few others do . . . If it's rare for a contemporary literary novelist to address emotion so bluntly, it's even rarer if that novelist is female . . . The brilliance of The Gunners is that it helps you. Kauffman teaches you the right way to read her prose . . . Another thing literary novelists don't often let themselves do is write novels with morals, or messages, but The Gunners has one. It's clear, though not easy: Accept your emotions. Feel them bluntly, plainly. Allow yourself to flinch." -- NPR Books