Dinner That Cooked Itself, The

Dinner That Cooked Itself, The


Author: JC Hsyu | Illustrator: Kenard Pak | Hardcover

Long, long ago, in a small town in ancient China, there lived an honest and respectful man called Tuan. Tuan was lonely and looked hard for a wife, but even the matchmaker couldn't help him. One night, however, Tuan's luck changed. And so begins the story of Tuan, White Wave, and the Dinner that Cooked Itself. This beautiful and enchanting Chinese fairy tale will captivate the imagination with the perfect blend of magic and realism!


"Hsyu's retelling has a folkloric simplicity, planting just enough details to ground readers in the traditional tale. Pak's mixed-media illustrations evoke a misty, long-ago agrarian China, his expressive, angular faces contrasting pleasingly with fluid, lovingly created backdrops. [...] A breath of fresh air in its beauty and simplicity." --Kirkus Reviews
"Hsyu debuts with a fine retelling of a Chinese folktale about a hardworking bachelor whose kindness is rewarded. [...] Working in a pale, muted palette, Pak (Have You Heard the Nesting Bird?) contributes airy, rough-textured compositions that evoke both contemporary animation and ancient, weathered frescoes as the story takes a serpentine path to a happy ending. --Publisher's Weekly
"Hsyu and Pak have revived a Chinese folktale, keeping the flavor of ancient China while making the story appealing to a modern audience. [...] A solid choice for multicultural folktale collections." --School Library Journal

Publisher: Nobrow Press | Pub Date: December 16, 2014 | Format: Hardcover | Pages: 32 | Dimensions: 0.3" H x 10.4" L x 8.0" W | 0.65 lbs