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Daughters of Fire

Daughters of Fire


Author: Tom Peek | Paperback

A multicultural adventure set amid the beauty, volcanic power, and cultural tensions of Hawai'i. A visiting astronomer falls in love with a Hawaiian anthropologist who guides him into a Polynesian world of volcanoes, gods, and revered ancestors. The lovers get caught up in murder and intrigue as developers and politicians try to conceal that a long-dormant volcano is rumbling back to life above the hotel-laden Kona coast. The anthropologist joins with an aging seer and a young activist, and these Hawaiian women summon their deepest traditions to confront the latest extravagant resort as the eruption and murder expose deep rifts in paradise.

"Set on the island of Hawaii, Daughters of Fire keenly captures the boiling point of long-simmering tensions between traditional lifestyles and Western development." - Jeanne Cooper, San Francisco Chronicle 
"Places come alive for the reader on every page of this taut, deftly constructed novel. . . . Peek is a storyteller extraordinaire, cut from an older cloth seldom seen today." - Susan Y. Najita, The Contemporary Pacific
"This is a book about power and justice . . . one of the most factually aware novels I've come across." - Anthony Pignataro, Maui Time Weekly
"Tom Peek's understanding of place, culture, and current issues is deep and respectful . . . this is a terrific read." - Maile Meyer, founder of Native Books/Na Mea Hawaii