Chuukese Readers Set 1 (bilingual)
Chuukese Readers Set 1 (bilingual)
Chuukese Readers Set 1 (bilingual)

Chuukese Readers Set 1 (bilingual)


Our Island Readers series is now available in Chuukese. Learning to read is a multi-sensory experience. This place-based, student informed book series is geared towards students learning-to-read and then reading-to-learn. The target age group is ages 5-8. This series is meant to be introductory and uses context to reinforce the themes, subjects, and content being introduced through each set. These titles are now available as bilingual flip-books. The first half of the book is in Chuukese, with the English language version in the second half of the book.

Set 1 / Learning to Read

Level Concept:

This level is designed for a companion to read 1-on-1 with children the first time around. Due to the repetitive nature of the text, when reading, children should gain confidence in reciting the words as they read multiple times. It may seem the reader is memorizing text, yet memorizing text is an integral stepping stone in learning to read!

Set 1 Themes:

  • Ideal for Emergent Readers
  • Simple sentences with repetitive patterns
  • High-interest stories with local themes
  • Playful illustrations to help readers

Titles in Set #1

  • Non an ekewe chon atake ewe market (At the Farmers Market)
  • Ewe Luau (At the Luau)
  • Aewan Ranin Sukun (First day of School)
  • Foun Ira (Fruits)
  • Apwapw lon ewe Zoo (Fun at the Zoo)
  • Mei Or Wiisei (I Have a Job)
  • Ngang mei Aninis (I Help)
  • Ngang Met? (What am I)
  • Nupwen Ua Netuw lon ewe Sat (When I Look in the Water)
  • E nom wren io ekkewe chori? (Who has the Slippers)