The Book of Tea: Beauty, Simplicity and the Zen Aesthetic

The Book of Tea: Beauty, Simplicity and the Zen Aesthetic


Author: Kakuzo Okakura | Paperback

This classic work by Okakura Kakuzo has inspired many generations of readers by illuminating the underlying spirit and message of the venerable Japanese tea masters. The Book of Tea doesn't focus on the tea ceremony itself, but rather on the Zen Buddhist philosophy behind it. Kakuzo teaches us to cultivate an everyday awareness of the beauty in all the common things around us. His powerful message is even more relevant today than when he wrote this book, and it serves as a wonderful introduction to the aesthetics of Japanese culture.

"Originally written to be read aloud by the author at Isabella Stewart Gardner's famous salon in 1906, the book focuses on the culture that has engendered the mind of tea and on the Masters who embody this spirit." --Gourmet Retailer
"Transcending the narrow confines of its title, presents a unified concept of life, art and nature. Along the way exploring topics related to tea appreciation, including Zen, flower arranging and Taoism. An early cultural activist, Okakura's mission was to preserve Japanese art and aesthetic practices from an extinction that seemed imminent." --Stephen Mansfield, The Japan Times

Publisher: Tuttle Publishing | Pub Date:  August 14, 2018 | Format: Paperback | Pages: 128 | Dimensions: 0.5" H x 8.0" L x 5.1" W | 0.45 lbs