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"Cooking in Pono" author talk, book signing, cooking demo + tasting

Moʻolelo Menu...

Moʻolelo (talking story) with author and Lomilomi healer LiAnn Uyeda as she cooks, serving

dishes that are ono (delicious) and stories that are pono (good).

“When the cook is pono, the food is more ono.”

On the menu...

Serving: Chicken Hekka

Moʻolelo: Forgive...What the Heck?

Forgiving is for saving yourself, not the other. When you can be grateful for the trigger to heal yourself, you have the pono within you!

Serving: Garbage Cookies

Moʻolelo: Trash the Pilikia

Pilikia (troubled feelings/thoughts) prevents pono growth for yourself and all around you.

“No one gave us “da manual” for life experiences. Challenges and triggers are gifts for you to grow. Let‘s water, nurture and live in pono.”- LiAnn Uyeda