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Hawaii Library Association presents 'Bibliotheca Walleriana' with Danilo Marrone

Bibliotheca Walleriana, a research presentation by Danilo Marrone

About the Bibliotheca Walleriana:

Bibliotheca Walleriana is the library of Dr. Erik Waller (1875-1955), who amassed a stellar collection of 22,000 books and over 35,000 letters, autographs, and other memorabilia related to the history of medicine and science. Especially noteworthy are letters written by Sir Ernest Shackleton, Baden Powell, C.G. Jung, Charles Darwin, René Descartes, Thomas Edison, Tesla, and even the Marquis de Sade.

Danilo Marrone, a professor at Hawaii Tokai International College, will give an introduction to the Bibliotheca Wallerianabook collection and his immersive experience spending two years going through every book in the collection: His talk will also introduce us to the Bibliotheca Walleriana manuscript collection and how a team of librarians at Uppsala University Library spent a decade scanning the entire collection and making it available online for free: Finally, he will describe his ongoing research with the Bibliotheca Walleriana collections.