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Mastering Stocks & Broths with Rachael Mamane

Tickets available here on eventbrite: tickets with Rachael’s book “Mastering Stocks & Broths” included available!

We all know that throwing the remnants of a roast chicken into a pot with a couple of onions, celery and some carrots can make a tasty stock, but what about salt—kosher? Iodized? What happens to the final flavor when you substitute fennel for celery? What is the difference between stock, broth and bone broth? Is bone broth really as healthy as popular nutrition suggests? What's the big deal about using a boxed broth in a pinch? How does stock turn out in a pressure cooker? A slow cooker? An Instapot? If you have ever asked these questions, this class is for you. 

Author Rachael Mamane will tackle these topics and more in her 90-minute workshop, exploring the foundations of stocks and broths in developing culinary fluency. Working out of her James Beard nominated cookbook, Mastering Stocks and Broths, Mamane will discuss the history of stocks and the role of food preservation in managing kitchen and farm waste. She will then move into how to build an expressive flavorful base that is the foundation of so many great dishes. The workshop will finish with a blind tasting, where we'll compare homemade stock with what is found on grocery store shelves, exploring flavor profiles and identifying what to look for in a quality stock. Participants will compose a bouquet garni, an herb bundle, to help encourage their own explorations at home.