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Honoring the Child short film showcase

a showcase featuring short films that honor a child’s creativity & spirit:

THIN SKIN: & the mana of many
Body Portal Theatre, in collaboration with Mid-Pacific Institute and Wai'alae Elementary Public Charter School, came together over 6 weeks to create embodied connections with 70 preschoolers and their families for an art installation performance.

Director: Rob Lau

Outside the Box: Cultivating Future Pollinators

Jasmine Joy of Beelieve Hawaii is a holistic beekeeper, teacher, writer, and activist. Jasmine's mission is to reverse pollinator declines through education, habitat restoration, mindfulness, and a humane honeybee rescue service. Through the Pollinator Program, Jasmine inspires youth to understand the crucial role of pollinators. Initially started on the West Side of Oahu, her goal is to expand her program throughout Hawaii to cultivate future pollinators.

Director: Rob Lau

POW! WOW! Nepal

The Koseli School in Kathmandu is graced by a fine team of international artists that all came together to re-paint the school and transform it into an inspiring place to learn.

The team of creators consisted of Cryptk, Shrine On, Lauren YS, Caratoes, Lauren Napolitano, Jeff Gress, Kai Kaulukukui, Katherine Rutter, IMAGINE, Philip Milic, Jean Philippe Burton, Lindsay Rider, Saadhux, Kosmic 13, Kiran Maharjan, I.effigy, and the Childrens Art Museum of Nepal.

Director: Mikey Inouye 

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Q&A with SheenRu Yong & Spencer Agoston of Body Portal Theatre (THIN SKIN), Jasmine Joy of Beelieve Hawaii (Outside the Box) and filmmaker Rob Lau