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MAGA new book release + signing // Tinfish Press

Join us for the brand new book release of MAGA by Timothy Dyke (Tinfish Press). The publication date and release party on January 20, 2019, conincide with the second anniversary of Trump’s inauguration.

01/20/19 | 1:00-2:30pm | da Shop: books + curiosities

Featuring Timothy Dyke & Susan Schultz with “The Viewpoint is Presumption” - doctored tweets from Poetry Dispatches:

. . .

In  MAGA, Timothy Dyke achieves a procedural feat, unspooling the MAGA acronym into an unpredictable, raucous ride where realpolitik meets art on Alchemy Avenue in Alabama and where it’s possible to “Make / America Gyrate Again.” In a book thick with social criticism, Dyke spins language through the political rock tumbler and out pops a searing anthem against unremitting grift in an age of creeping authoritarianism. This is poetry that refuses to accept the status quo with all its Attorneys General, “masculinity addiction,” and ethical atrophy. This is a poetic plea for a refreshed ethical metric.
— Jules Boykoff

The poems in Timothy Dyke’s  MAGA  are tragically hilarious, measuredly intimate, addictive, and positively grim. Dyke is a poet-magician who repeatedly chips away at the acronym so skillfully you almost forget that it stood for anything.  MAGA  reminds me that art is our only hope or, at the very least, a hopeful departure.
— Jaimie Gusman


My ass gives attitude.
Maybe attitude goes
awry more as guys age.

Many axes give aggressive
men access. Go assault
my aging grandmother,

asshole. My air gets annexed.
Metaphor alert. Go away.
My angels got annulled.