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WALKABOUT KAIMUKI: walking tour + zine-making workshop

Sunday, Aug 12 at 2pm join 88 Block Walks and TinyZineHawaii for the inaugural WALKABOUT at da Shop: books + curiosities in Kaimuki! Part walking tour, part zine-making/counter-mapping workshop, WALKABOUT invites participants to experience the neighborhood in a brand new way—and record the journey in idiosyncratic maps.

Limited to 12 participants. RSVP required.

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We will meet at da Shop at 2pm for a short introduction to psychogeography and counter-mapping techniques, then select a theme for the walk from a bucket of options. Participants can choose from a variety of experimental navigation and field-mapping tools to use during a 45-minute exploration of Kaimuki punctuated by readings from Guy Debord's Society of the Spectacle. The outcome of each excursion will depend heavily on the input of participants as they attempt new methods of interacting with this diverse, historic neighborhood.

The walk will be followed by a meditative zine-making workshop at da Shop, where neighborhood discoveries and observations can be used to repurpose maps as living, fluid poems rather than hard boundaries for immovable structures. Participants will learn various bookbinding techniques and create personal map-zines that reflect the cumulative and personal walkabout experience.

Tickets: $15 per person | $25 ticket includes your very own copy of Society of the Spectacle by Guy Debord.

Wear comfortable shoes and be prepared to walk for 45 minutes. Bring water and adequate sun and/or rain protection—WALKABOUT will take place rain or shine.

All zine-making materials will be provided.

is collective experimental navigation of urban environments in the spirit of discovery. Through subversive navigational processes inspired by the Situationists, WALKABOUT provides a playful space for communities to challenge preconceived notions of geography and propose more equitable configurations of place. See more @tinyzineatlas