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Pathways to Publication: SCBWI Meeting featuring Martina Wing

FREE + OPEN TO PUBLIC, brought to you by The Society of Children’s Book Writers + Illustrators, Hawaii chapter

October Topic: How Notch the Rescued Dolphin became a book

Martina Wing created a kickstarter campaign for her book and will share her pathway to publication process, a fun journey filled with personal hurdles to overcome, financing to be secured, filtering ideas and advice from many and an unwavering motivation to “get it done.”

. . .

About the presenter: Martina Wing is a passionate conservationist, manta ray and marine life advocate, educator, and professional underwater photographer. Awed and humbled at the amazing worldwide response to Notch’s rescue, Martina realized that telling the story to children was an opportunity to inspire the next generation of environmentalists. Notch’s rescue embodies the core values she has dedicated her life to—kindness, compassion and the importance of sustainability. Visit her website