da Shop: books and curiosities

located at: 3565 Harding Avenue, Honolulu, HI 96816 (on street level)

store hours: Sunday & Monday, 11a - 4p | Tuesday - Saturday, 10a - 6p

phone: 808 - 421 - 9460

*Parking is available across the street in two municipal lots, as well as street parking throughout the Kaimuki area. 


Event Inquiry: If you are interested in event hosting, please fill in the form below.

A staff member will respond to your inquiry.

Book Submission for Resale: If you are interested in da Shop reviewing and considering your book for resale, please detail in the subject portion of the contact form the title, audience, brief description of content, and any other useful information. A staff member will respond to your inquiry in 1-2 weeks.

* Please do not bring physical copies of your book to da Shop for review.

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