The Matchmaker of Perigord

The Matchmaker of Perigord


Author: Julia Stuart | Paperback

For every reader who adored Chocolat, Julia Stuart's The Matchmaker of Périgord is a delectable, utterly enchanting, and sinfully satisfying delight.

The charming tale of a small French town in which the local barber, whose business is failing as his clients grow older and lose their hair, decides to become the town matchmaker.

Barber Guillaume Ladoucette has always enjoyed great success in his tiny village in southwestern France, catering to the tonsorial needs of Amour-sur-Belle's thirty-three inhabitants. But times have changed. His customers have grown older--and balder. Suddenly there is no longer a call for Guillaume's particular services, and he is forced to make a drastic career change. Since love and companionship are necessary commodities at any age, he becomes the town's official matchmaker and intends to unite hearts as ably as he once cut hair. But alas, Guillaume is not nearly as accomplished an agent of amour, as the disastrous results of his initial attempts amply prove, especially when it comes to arranging his own romantic future.


**Alyssa's Staff Pick**

"Set in a quaint little french village when one resident decides to open a matchmaking business, this sweet tale is everything you need in an easy read. It's hilarious, wholesome, absurd, and has the perfect dash of french names you'll never be able to pronounce. I especially loved the romance between the two main characters, who give us readers numerous occasions to drown in second-hand embarrassment."