da Shop is a community bookstore and events space

below are three main categories of books available at da Shop 


National/International Best Sellers




Children's Literature Juvenile/ Young Adult



The store concept, opening in Kaimuki, is the perfect community bookstore destination. The stylish Shop features a rotating list of well-known Hawai‘i and Oceania classics, an award-winning catalog of children's literature, juvenile/young adult books, along with the best-selling national and international titles. Additional offerings include a select list of local, national, and international journals, magazines, and quarterlies.

Aiming to set a new standard in print-retailing with a fashionably designed layout, da Shop has a section specifically for children, lounge reading chairs dotting the interior, and is set-up to host presentations, read-alouds, film screening, live performances, lectures, and more.

Also on offer is a digital database to over 1 million titles, any of which can be purchased in store and shipped directly to your doorstep. If visiting da Shop from elsewhere, staff can package and ship your purchases home for you.

da Shop is located in Kaimuki at 3565 Harding Ave. Parking is available in the two municipal lots across the street, entrances on 11th and 12th Avenues. Street parking is available in the neighborhood as well.